Apple’s goal: run AI models directly on iPhones and other devices.

January 24, 2024
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  • Apple is focusing on running AI models directly on iPhones and other devices.
  • The company has acquired 21 AI startups since 2017.
  • Apple is hiring AI experts and has been working on its own large language models.

Apple is quietly working to increase its capabilities in artificial intelligence (AI), with a specific focus on running AI models directly on mobile devices like the iPhone. The company has made multiple acquisitions, hired AI experts, and updated hardware, all with the goal of incorporating AI into its next generation of iPhones. Research shows that Apple has been more active than its rivals in acquiring AI startups, with 21 acquisitions since the beginning of 2017. Its most recent acquisition was California-based startup WaveOne, which provides AI-powered video compression. Industry insiders believe that Apple is preparing to make more significant acquisitions in the AI space, as there is an ongoing “AI arms race” among technology companies.

Apple is also increasing its AI expertise by hiring top talent in the field. Almost half of Apple’s AI job postings now include the term “Deep Learning,” which refers to the algorithms used in generative AI models. In 2018, Apple hired John Giannandrea, Google’s former head of AI, further bolstering its AI capabilities. Despite being secretive about its AI plans, Apple is reportedly developing its own large language models, similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which power generative AI products.

This strategic focus on AI aligns Apple more closely with its Big Tech rivals like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, who have made significant investments in AI. By running AI models directly on devices like the iPhone, Apple aims to offer users improved AI capabilities without relying heavily on cloud computing. This approach may also enhance user privacy and security by keeping AI processes local to the device. While Apple’s plans for AI are still largely under wraps, the company’s recent moves indicate a strong commitment to integrating AI into its future products.

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