Will groundbreaking tech halt cunning shoplifters in their tracks?

January 24, 2024
1 min read

A recent episode of Solutionaries, part of the “Solutionaries” series dedicated to highlighting innovative solutions to societal problems, discussed the issue of shoplifting and proposed potential solutions. Shoplifting is a serious problem in America, with retail stores losing billions of dollars each year. The problem has evolved from individual shoplifters to sophisticated crime rings that steal merchandise and sell it back to consumers. To combat this issue, the Loss Prevention Research Council has developed a prototype store with new technology aimed at stopping shoplifters. The technology includes facial recognition and QR code scanning, which prevents shoppers from taking items off the shelf until their identity is verified. While these solutions may be effective, some argue that they infringe on shoppers’ privacy. However, with the significant financial impact of shoplifting, stores are willing to try innovative approaches to tackle the problem. The article concludes by asking why people choose a life of shoplifting and whether these high-tech solutions will ultimately provide a good long-term solution.

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