Introducing FlexPath DXP: The Ultimate FinTech Platform for Connected Retailing

January 26, 2024
1 min read

FlexPath DXP, a new fintech platform company, has launched to power end-to-end connected retailing. The company aims to connect modern retailing and eCommerce components of digital marketing and personalized shopping. The platform is designed to help lenders, dealers, OEMs, marketing agencies, vendors, and marketplaces incorporate credit-first solutions into their retail offerings. One of the key features of FlexPath DXP is its credit-first lender waterfall decisioning engine, Trillium, which aims to provide credit-perfect payments to enhance consumer trust and improve sales conversions. FlexPath DXP also offers custom-built tech solutions using Trillium web APIs, or a white-labeled model that is flexible to fit into any digital marketing campaign or online/in-store sales process.

The new venture is led by Tarry Shebesta, CEO of FlexPath, who has over 20 years of experience in soft-pull credit prequalification solutions. Shebesta believes that FlexPath has the potential to become a larger and faster-growing company than his previous fintech venture. The lead strategic investor in FlexPath is Keith McCluskey, owner of McCluskey Chevrolet, the largest Chevrolet dealer in the world. FlexPath is available in various industries, including automotive, powersports, recreational vehicles, and marine.

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