CTA’s 2024 Tech Trends: Fusing Innovation with Consumer Electronics

February 10, 2024
1 min read

TLDR: The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) has made its predictions for the tech trends to watch in 2024. The presentation highlighted the increase in Generation Z consumers and their interest in tech, as well as the growing number of people connecting to the internet. The CTA focused on the digital infrastructure, including artificial intelligence, robotics, and cloud computing. The organization also mentioned the importance of sustainability and inclusivity in future tech trends. The presentation covered various technologies and devices, including AI integration, renewable energy, inclusive technologies, electric and self-driving cars, smart TVs, and entertainment services. The CTA emphasized the shift from primarily hardware to software and services in the tech industry, with a focus on gaming and entertainment. The presentation concluded with a discussion of technology in agriculture, smart communities, and financial technology.

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