Tech revolutionizes how things are done: Dr. Patrick Saidu Conteh.

February 15, 2024
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– Dr. Patrick Saidu Conteh, CEO of Africa Fintech Network, believes that technology is redefining how people live and conduct themselves on a daily basis.
– He sees the beauty of technology as its ability to cut across boundaries and change the way people access finance and digital services.

Dr. Conteh praises the impact of technology on Africa and the Philippines, stating that it has opened up new opportunities while acknowledging the risks associated with emerging technologies like blockchain. He believes these regions have an advantage due to their young, tech-savvy populations.

The CEO of Africa Fintech Network believes that his experience at the Digital Pilipinas Festival 2023 provided valuable insights into using emerging technologies in finance, payments, and agriculture. He plans to use this experience as a benchmark for improving the use of technology in Africa.

Dr. Conteh also highlights the similarities between Africa, the Philippines, and the ASEAN region in terms of challenges related to their large populations and high illiteracy levels. However, he sees these challenges as opportunities and emphasizes the talent and potential for growth in these regions.

Overall, Dr. Conteh emphasizes the transformative power of technology and its ability to improve lives and redefine how things are done. He believes that embracing emerging technologies like blockchain can bring significant benefits to Africa, the Philippines, and the ASEAN region.

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