Kennesaw relies on revolutionary 3-word tech for emergency calls.

February 16, 2024
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A new “3-word” technology is being used for 911 calls in Kennesaw, Georgia. The technology, developed by the company what3words, assigns a unique three-word address to every location on the planet. This system aims to improve emergency response times and location accuracy, particularly in areas without traditional street addresses.

The Kennesaw Police Department is the first agency in the state of Georgia to implement the what3words technology. By using the three-word address provided by callers, emergency responders are able to locate the caller’s exact position more quickly and accurately. This can be particularly helpful in situations where individuals are in distress or unable to provide a specific address.

The what3words system divides the world into 3-meter squares and assigns a unique three-word combination to each square. This means that every location on the planet has a specific set of three words that can be used to identify it. The system is available in multiple languages and can be accessed through the what3words app or website.

According to Kennesaw Police Chief Bill Westenberger, the new technology has already proven effective in emergency situations. In one instance, a woman used the what3words app to provide her location to 911 dispatchers after her car broke down on a dark road. This allowed emergency responders to locate her quickly, despite her unfamiliarity with the area and inability to provide a traditional address.

The what3words system is gaining popularity in emergency response agencies worldwide. In addition to improving response times and accuracy, the technology also has potential applications in the delivery and logistics industry. Companies like Mercedes-Benz and Domino’s Pizza have already integrated what3words into their systems, using it to streamline delivery operations and improve customer experience.

Overall, the adoption of the what3words technology in Kennesaw represents a step forward in emergency response technology. By providing a simple and accurate way to communicate location, the system has the potential to save lives and improve outcomes in emergency situations.

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