Warren FD upgrades with advanced drone equipment.

February 17, 2024
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  • Warren Fire Department in Michigan has acquired 11 new drones for use in emergency situations.
  • The drones provide real-time aerial views, aiding in quick response and enhanced safety for firefighters.

Firefighters in Warren, Michigan, have recently received 11 new drones to enhance their emergency response capabilities. The department, under the leadership of Councilwoman Mindy Moore, made an investment of nearly $80,000 in this new drone technology. These drones have already proved their worth by helping responders quickly address a chemical spill along Bear Creek, where the origin was traced two hours faster than usual.

Warren Fire Chief Safety Officer Jeff Middleton highlighted the benefits of these drones, which provide a safe distance to assess dangerous areas and deliver critical data to firefighters across different locations. With the ability to drop pins and gather real-time information, the drones enable strategic planning and potentially save lives by avoiding risky scenarios for firefighters.

The department’s future plans include deploying drones for all emergency scenes, ensuring constant aerial monitoring for efficient response. This adoption of advanced drone technology marks Warren Fire Department as a pioneer in utilizing innovative tools for enhanced safety and effectiveness in firefighting operations.

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