Seeking science and tech projects for UK mission with Axiom Space.

February 20, 2024
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  • Up to £15 million in commercial funding could be available for UK science and technology projects to fly to space with Axiom Space.
  • The UK Space Agency has opened funding calls for science experiments and technology demonstrators in preparation for a potential UK astronaut mission.

Science and technology projects are being sought for a potential UK mission with Axiom Space, as announced by the UK Space Agency. Up to £15 million in commercial funding could be available for British science and technology to fly to space, pending the mission with Axiom Space moving forward. The agency has opened two new funding calls – one for science projects and another for technology demonstrators – in anticipation of an agreement to fly a team of four British astronauts on a commercially-sponsored mission.

The aim of the science call is to support UK-based researchers in conducting scientific research using microgravity and the space environment. Proposals are encouraged to align with the National Space Strategy, UK Science and Technology Framework, and priorities identified by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). On the other hand, the technology demonstrator call is focused on testing innovative technologies within a space environment that align with National Space Capability Goals and critical technologies identified by the UK Space Agency.

UK astronaut Tim Peake, who spent time on the International Space Station, has expressed support for the new era of commercial human spaceflight and highlighted the importance of high-quality science and innovative technology for the potential UK mission. The UK Space Agency is collaborating with Axiom Space and the European Space Agency on the plans for the commercial mission, aiming to keep the UK space sector at the forefront of scientific discovery and technological innovation.

Overall, the potential mission with Axiom Space presents a significant opportunity for UK businesses to play a key role in space exploration and technology development, with the hope of driving forward discovery and innovation in critical technologies. The UK Space Agency encourages scientists, innovators, and businesses to seize this opportunity and submit proposals for consideration.

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