Get ready for Zoho Analyst Day on The Accounting Tech Lab

February 22, 2024
1 min read

Article Summary


  • Zoho Analyst Day 2024 discussed tech developments and AI integration
  • Zoho has a wide range of applications for different business needs

In the Accounting Technology Lab podcast, hosts Randy Johnston and Brian Tankersley discuss the key takeaways from Zoho Analyst Day 2024. The event provided insights into Zoho’s tech developments and AI integration strategies. Zoho, a privately held company with a strong customer focus, showcased a wide range of applications to meet various business needs. They emphasized the importance of using multiple AI models for different tasks, such as narrow, small, medium, and large language models. By leveraging AI technologies, Zoho aims to improve efficiency and accuracy in processes like expense reporting and document analysis. Overall, Zoho’s platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools for businesses looking to enhance their operations with integrated solutions.

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