Tech boosts beauty and wellness growth and inclusivity.

February 22, 2024
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  • The beauty and wellness industry is projected to be worth $8.5 trillion by 2027, but there are significant challenges of racial equity.
  • Technology, like the Fresha platform, is driving growth and inclusion in the industry by empowering entrepreneurs.

The beauty and wellness sector is undergoing a transformative evolution, with the industry projected to reach $8.5 trillion by 2027. Despite this growth, there are substantial challenges in terms of racial equity, with only 4 to 5 percent of all industry employees being Black. This underrepresentation highlights the obstacles faced by Black beauty consumers and brands.

Salons and spas play a crucial role in providing employment opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds and serving as a pathway for entrepreneurial endeavors. However, the industry is embracing technology to drive positive transformations for minority business owners worldwide.

Platforms like Fresha are leading the way in digitizing the beauty and wellness industry, enabling entrepreneurs to streamline their operations and reach a wider audience. The platform’s competitive pricing, product niche, and customer-focused approach have allowed it to drive growth and create a more equitable playing field in a crowded market.

By leveraging technology, entrepreneurs in the beauty and wellness sector can enhance their operations, reach a global audience, make data-driven decisions, improve customer experiences, and achieve cost savings and scalability. The digital era is revolutionizing the industry, empowering entrepreneurs to exceed the evolving expectations of the modern beauty landscape.

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