New bulletproof door technology from Pine River is a game-changer.

February 23, 2024
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  • A Pine River business, Zero Breach Safety Doors, has developed bullet-resistant door technology to protect against potential active shooters in schools.
  • The company’s products include reinforced windows, door kits, and mirrors for added safety measures.

A Pine River business, Zero Breach Safety Doors, has developed innovative bullet-resistant door technology to enhance safety in schools and protect against potential active shooters. The company, founded by Raymond LeFavor and his brother, Rich LeFavor, specializes in creating reinforced windows, door kits, and mirrors designed to withstand attempted shootings. The bullet-resistant doors, which have undergone extensive testing and demonstrations, have shown impressive durability and resilience in withstanding various types of firearms.

LeFavor’s products aim to provide a cost-effective solution to reinforce existing school doors and windows without the need for complete replacements. The door reinforcements offer increased protection against active shooters, while the replacement windows utilize a combination of glass and polycarbonate to prevent shattering upon impact. The company’s testing has shown that the products can withstand multiple rounds from different firearms, providing an added layer of security for students and staff in case of emergency.

In addition to enhancing safety measures in schools, Zero Breach Safety Doors is actively engaging with local law enforcement and school districts to address concerns such as weather resistance, impact on door hinges, and long-term resilience in educational settings. The company is committed to ensuring the effectiveness and durability of its products in various conditions and scenarios.

With a personal motivation to improve school safety, Rich LeFavor is dedicated to making a positive impact on the educational experience and providing peace of mind to students, staff, and families. The development of bullet-resistant door technology represents a significant step towards creating safer learning environments and safeguarding against potential threats.

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