Microsoft drops DirectSR image upscaling tech next month, with Nvidia.

February 26, 2024
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  • Microsoft is set to debut DirectSR image upscaling technology next month at the Game Developers Conference 2024.
  • DirectSR has been co-developed with AMD and Nvidia with the aim of standardizing upscaling methods for Windows gaming PCs.

Microsoft, in partnership with AMD and Nvidia, is gearing up to unveil its DirectSR universal image upscaling technology at the upcoming Game Developers Conference 2024. This technology comes as a response to the proliferation of various upscalers in the market, such as AMD’s FSR and Nvidia’s DLSS, which have been challenging for game developers to support. DirectSR aims to provide a standardized approach to upscaling for Windows gaming PCs without performance degradation by collaborating with key industry players.

The unveiling is scheduled for March 21 during the DirectX State of the Union session, where Microsoft, AMD, and Nvidia will showcase the technology’s capabilities and highlight the collaborative effort behind its development. Although specific details about DirectSR remain undisclosed, it is expected to work seamlessly across a wide range of graphics processors, including Radeon and GeForce GPUs. This move towards a standardized upscaling technology is anticipated to simplify the process for game developers and enhance the visual quality of games across various Windows devices.

In conclusion, the introduction of DirectSR signifies Microsoft’s entry into the upscaling domain and seeks to streamline the integration of upscaling technology into games, ultimately benefiting both gamers and the industry at large by promoting a more unified approach to enhancing visual quality in gaming experiences.

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