Boost driver safety with Dell AI & Data Solutions for improvement.

February 29, 2024
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  • Dell Technologies partners with Subaru Corporation to improve driver safety through AI and high-performance storage.
  • Subaru will use Dell PowerScale storage systems to advance the development of its next-generation EyeSight Driver Assist Technology.

In a partnership between Dell Technologies and Subaru Corporation, the companies are working together to enhance driver safety through the use of AI and advanced storage solutions. Subaru Corporation, a leading manufacturer in Japan, is focusing on innovating driver assist technology with the help of Dell’s powerful storage systems.

The collaboration has allowed Subaru to store and manage a significantly larger amount of data, enabling the development of the next-generation EyeSight Driver Assist Technology. By utilizing Dell PowerScale storage systems, Subaru is able to meet the increased IT demand for AI modeling and validation, ultimately advancing driver safety initiatives.

With the ability to access and analyze large amounts of data, Subaru is able to improve AI image analysis and enhance features such as traffic movement monitoring, cruise control optimization, and lane departure warnings in its vehicles. This partnership signifies AI’s impact on the automotive industry and highlights the importance of leveraging technology to enhance safety on the roads.

Subaru Lab, the company’s AI development base, is now equipped to scale its operations and drive innovation in driver safety thanks to Dell’s storage solutions. By storing approximately 1,000 times more files than before, Subaru can expand its capabilities and work towards making transportation safer for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

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