IDTechEx reveals Quantum Technology: A powerful tool in cybercrime battles.

February 29, 2024
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Summary of Article


  • Quantum technology is emerging as a double-edged sword in the fight against cybercrime.
  • The threat of quantum computing and the potential solutions it offers for data security are explored in the article.


The article discusses the increasing importance of securing communications in the face of escalating cybercrime. As hacking becomes more lucrative, the value of data transmitted also rises, making the need for robust data security solutions critical. Quantum technology is identified as both a threat to data security and a potential solution. With the advancement of quantum computing, the ability to crack current encryption methods is a growing concern, known as ‘Q-Day’ or ‘Y2Q’.

Quantum random number generators (QRNG) are highlighted as a key technology for enhancing cybersecurity. QRNG harnesses quantum properties to generate truly random numbers, improving the quality of encryption keys. The article also explores quantum key distribution (QKD) as a method for sharing secret keys securely using quantum states transmitted through photons.

Challenges in the scalability and cost of quantum technologies are mentioned, but the potential benefits for end-users with vulnerable data security systems are also emphasized. As the industry evolves and innovation continues, the quantum communication market is expected to expand, offering opportunities for both protection against cyber threats and competitive advantage.

Overall, the article stresses the importance of staying informed and engaged in the emerging quantum communication industry to safeguard virtual assets and leverage technology for strategic benefit. It encourages readers to explore the recently published IDTechEx report on Quantum Communication Market 2024-2034 for further insights into this evolving sector.

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