Tech help for herders and bacteria clean-ups: The Download.

March 1, 2024
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  • Herders in West Africa’s Sahel are facing a crisis due to climate change, politics, and war.
  • Bacteria are evolving to help clean up water contaminated with pharmaceuticals and personal care products in the US.

In West Africa’s Sahel region, herders are facing a crisis due to a complex mix of climate change, politics, and war. Traditional herding practices are becoming increasingly difficult, but recent advances in data collection from geosatellites and herders themselves could provide solutions by offering real-time data on ground cover, water availability, rainfall forecasts, and livestock concentrations. This data could help anticipate droughts and crises, which are essential for the survival of herders.

Meanwhile, in the US, water contamination with pharmaceuticals and personal care products has become a major concern. Scientists have found that some bacteria are evolving in a way that could help eliminate these pollutants from the water supply. This discovery offers a potential solution to the problem of contaminated water and highlights the importance of studying the evolution of bacteria for environmental benefit.

The article also covers various tech-related news stories, including AI’s impact on data centers, record high emissions in 2023, the FBI using push alerts to catch suspects, and the rise of humanoid robots startups. These stories underscore the complex intersection of technology, climate change, society, and health in today’s world.

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