Verb Technology and Meta team up to revolutionize integrated shopping.

March 15, 2024
1 min read


  • Verb Technology partners with Meta (Facebook and Instagram) for integrated shopping experience
  • New integration allows vendors to sell products directly on social media

Verb Technology Company, Inc. has announced a partnership with Meta Platforms, Inc., enabling a direct shopping experience on Facebook and Instagram for vendors. This integration will provide a seamless shopping journey for users within the apps, expanding the customer base and enhancing the value offered by The collaboration emphasizes’s commitment to interactive video-based shopping experiences and innovation in the social shopping space. Through this strategic initiative, Verb Technology aims to leverage Meta’s platforms to reach a wider audience and drive growth for its stakeholders.

The platform, known for its interactive video-based sales applications, is positioned as a hub for e-commerce and entertainment, enabling various entities to monetize their social media followings through livestream shopping events. The integration with Meta Platforms represents a significant milestone for, with future innovations and partnerships anticipated. Verb Technology Company, Inc. is expected to share more details as the integration progresses, highlighting the company’s dedication to evolving the social shopping experience.

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