Not all is AI

January 28, 2024
1 min read

The article discusses the overuse of the term “AI” and how it has become a buzzword for many companies, including Samsung and Google. While AI features can be impressive, the author argues that not everything needs to be labeled as AI. For example, the article mentions Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series, which heavily promotes its “Galaxy AI” features, such as an interpreter mode for translating languages on the fly. However, similar features have existed for a long time without being labeled as AI. The author believes that by calling everything AI, the term becomes diluted and simple but useful features end up feeling underwhelming.

The article also highlights Google’s use of the term AI, pointing out that features that have been around for years are being rebranded as AI. The author suggests that the constant use of the term is diluting its meaning and that eventually, the buzz around AI will fade away.

Overall, the author argues that not everything should be called AI and that using the term too frequently diminishes its significance. The article also discusses recent news about Google Pixel leaks and the redesign of Android Auto.

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