AI: Treating and curing your dog’s cancer with cutting-edge technology.

January 29, 2024
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– ImpriMed is a tech startup that aims to use artificial intelligence (AI) to provide personalized drug response predictions for dogs with lymphoma
– Their service can potentially save both time and money in the treatment of canine lymphoma

Cory Padilla’s dog, Copper, was diagnosed with lymphoma, a common cancer in dogs. Padilla turned to ImpriMed, a company that uses AI and live cancer cell analysis to provide personalized drug response predictions for dogs with lymphoma. ImpriMed conducts flow cytometry testing, cell analysis, and drug sensitivity testing to help veterinarians differentiate lymphoma subtypes and choose the most effective drugs for treatment. Padilla found it amazing that AI was able to provide specific treatment recommendations based on his dog’s individual cancer.

Traditionally, canine lymphoma is treated with chemotherapy using a protocol called CHOP. While CHOP is effective for most dogs, it does not take into account the uniqueness of each patient and can be expensive. ImpriMed’s service offers insights into a dog’s lymphoma type and ranked drug options in order of effectiveness, helping pet owners make informed decisions and potentially saving both time and money in treatment.

However, ImpriMed’s service does come with a cost. The average ImpriMed Prediction Profile, which ranks anticancer drugs, can be expensive for many dog owners. Some pet owners have also found that the recommended drugs on the panel had adverse effects on their dogs, raising questions about the effectiveness of AI predictions without considering the full clinical picture of an animal. Veterinary experts caution against relying solely on AI for patient care and stress the importance of considering a veterinarian’s expertise in addition to AI predictions.

Despite varying opinions on the effectiveness of ImpriMed’s predictions, CEO and co-founder Sungwon Lim stands by the product. He believes that testing the limits of modern medicine is necessary, and ImpriMed uses real-world statistics and post-market clinical research to evaluate the product’s clinical benefits. A recent study showed promising results, with patients treated in high concordance with ImpriMed’s AI predictions experiencing longer survival and higher remission rates.

ImpriMed’s goal is to support veterinary oncologists and their clients in the fight against cancer in pets. While accessibility and accuracy remain challenges, the potential for targeted cancer treatment in animals using AI is an exciting development in the field of veterinary medicine.

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