Steve Ells’ robotic fast-food venture, Kernel, gears up for launch

January 29, 2024
1 min read

Plant-based, robot-run fast food startup Kernel, founded by Steve Ells, the former CEO of Chipotle, is set to launch its first location in February. The company has also announced that New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones and Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields have invested in the startup. Kernel aims to utilize an automated kitchen, staffed by as few as three workers, to prepare food and provide contactless service to customers. The storefront, located in New York City, will operate from Monday through Friday, catering to the lunch crowd. Customers will place their orders in advance on a Kernel app and pick up their food from specific code-locked cabinets inside the location. The company plans to expand rapidly, with the goal of opening multiple locations across New York City over the next two years.

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