Level up with the top 10 Palworld tech tree treasures

February 11, 2024
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Unlocking items on Palworld’s technology tree can be challenging, but rewarding. Technologies are unlocked with Technology points, which are gained on leveling up, finishing dungeons, and discovering waypoints. Some notable unlocks include the Giga Shield for durable defense, Paladius Saddle for stylish and efficient travel, and the Weapon Assembly Line for automated weapon production.

Unlocking items on Palworld’s technology tree can be challenging, but rewarding. The technology tree consists of 50 tiers, each containing four to six items that can be purchased with Technology Points. Technology Points are earned by leveling up, completing dungeons, and discovering new fast travel points. Different technologies have different unlock costs, with higher rank technologies generally requiring more points. Some technologies are unlocked through leveling up, while others have specific requirements such as capturing certain Pals.

Noteworthy unlocks on the technology tree include the Mega Glider, a wing-shaped device that allows players to ride the wind and cross large gaps quickly. The Pengullet’s Rocket Launcher is another valuable unlock, allowing players to fire a Pengullet from the launcher for heavy damage. The Stun Baton increases the chances of catching Pals when they are hit, making it easier to capture them during battles. The Giga Shield is a shield that regenerates its condition when not taking damage, providing durable defense for players. The Paladius Saddle allows players to ride the Legendary Paladius, a powerful combat Pal that can triple jump while mounted. The Weapon Assembly Line automates the production of weapons, making it easier to equip players on the front line. Grizzbolt’s Minigun is an unlock that allows the Pal Grizzbolt to equip a machine gun while mounted, increasing its offensive capabilities. The Legendary Sphere has the highest Capture Power of any Pal-catching Sphere, making it a reliable method for catching high-level Pals. The Sphere Assembly Line automates the recruitment of Pals, making it easier to capture and collect them. Finally, Jetragon’s Missile Launcher is a weapon that allows players to rain down homing missiles on their enemies, providing a powerful Pal weapon for the endgame.

Ascending through Palworld’s technology tree is a slow grind, with incremental upgrades and new features at each step. Players should prioritize the technologies they need most at the moment and save the best ones for when they have enough materials. While these are some of the coolest technology unlocks in Palworld, there are also other useful unlocks available on the tree.

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