Budgeting for care made easy: Local authorities with tech-enabled solutions.

February 14, 2024
1 min read

The population of over-65s in the UK is growing, placing increasing pressure on local authorities’ adult social care budgets. However, there is a growing consensus that technology-enabled care (TEC) can help control or reduce care spending. TEC presents a number of cost-saving opportunities including reducing the requirement for domiciliary care hours, preventing early admission to costly care homes, and improving the efficiency of care operations through actionable data. To take advantage of these opportunities, adult social care teams should follow three steps. Firstly, identify which data is needed to control spending. Secondly, pick the right TEC solution to achieve specific goals. Finally, build a culture change plan that encourages buy-in from all relevant teams and individuals. By aligning these three elements, TEC can pave the way for increased independence, reduced costs, and individual-centered care.

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