Business buzz: Trendy tech doesn’t always win consumer’s hearts.

February 18, 2024
1 min read


Key Points:

  • Consumers still engage with traditional means of technology, like radio, despite advancements in streaming and satellite options.
  • In a world of constant change, people often seek comfort and familiarity in the past.

In this article, Don Cunningham reflects on the enduring popularity of traditional technology, such as over-the-air radio, amidst a landscape dominated by streaming services and advanced gadgets. Cunningham discusses his own surprise at hearing the classic radio format of request shows and highlights the story of a listener, Lou from Slatington, who represents individuals anchored in the past. The author suggests that Lou’s commitment to radio and song requests is a form of rebellion against an ever-changing world.

Furthermore, Cunningham discusses the preference for in-person shopping over online retail, despite the growth of e-commerce. He provides insights into the job market in the Lehigh Valley, where traditional retail employment has remained stable. This suggests that people still value the experience of going to physical stores and listening to radio broadcasts, finding solace in familiar activities amidst technological advancements.

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