Experts warn: AI-generated ads becoming indistinguishable from real endorsements.

February 18, 2024
1 min read


  • AI technology is making deepfake ads harder to detect, using celebrities to endorse fake products.
  • Creators use text-to-speech and image manipulation programs to generate convincing fake videos.

In the world of deepfake advertising, AI technology is being used to create convincing videos of celebrities endorsing fake products. These deepfake ads are becoming increasingly difficult to detect, as the tools used to create them continue to improve. The process typically involves using text-to-speech programs to generate audio from a script, recreating celebrity voices with as little as a minute of real audio, and overlaying animated mouths on video to match the spoken words.

These AI-generated videos are easy to produce in bulk and target specific audiences, making them challenging to police. While there are still clues that can help identify deepfakes, such as difficulty in recreating teeth and tongues and imperfections in speech patterns, experts warn that the technology is advancing rapidly and could soon produce indistinguishable fake videos. Social media users are advised to think critically and utilize online detection tools to protect themselves from falling for fake endorsements.

It is crucial for consumers to stay informed and vigilant in recognizing deepfake ads, as the technology continues to evolve and pose a threat to unsuspecting individuals.

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