Syensqo promotes sustainable mobility and tech partnerships at JEC 2024.

February 20, 2024
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  • Syensqo showcased advances and partnerships in sustainable mobility and technology collaborations at JEC 2024.
  • Key elements include inroads in hydrogen propulsion, partnerships enabling electric advanced air mobility, and bio-based carbon-fiber innovation.

In an exciting showcase of sustainable mobility and technology collaborations, Syensqo highlighted advancements in carbon-fiber composites and advanced materials at JEC World 2024. The company, previously part of the Solvay Group, emphasized its focus on electrification, hydrogen propulsion, and bio-sourcing.

One of the key points was Syensqo’s partnership with Climate Impulse, which aims to demonstrate hydrogen-powered flight around the Earth. Additionally, collaborations with companies like Schiebel and Manna showcase the use of advanced materials in unmanned air systems and delivery drones.

Furthermore, Syensqo’s work with Trillium on bio-based carbon-fiber innovation was a highlight of the event. They are working towards fully bio-based carbon-fiber composites, showcasing the commitment to environmentally friendly materials.

Overall, Syensqo’s presence at JEC 2024 emphasized their dedication to sustainability and innovation in the mobility and technology sectors.

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