Check out World Dairy Expo with Amlan’s innovative mineral technology.

February 21, 2024
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  • Amlan International showcased its unique mineral technology at the World Dairy Expo
  • Calibrin Z, a special mixture of minerals, has shown to improve milk production, gut health, and reproductive performance in dairy cows

Amlan International, represented by Jay Hughes and Dr. Marc Herpfer, highlighted their unique mineral technology at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin. They have conducted trials and case studies on dairy farms in the US and internationally, showing improvements in milk production, gut health, somatic cell count, abortions, and overall reproductive performance by feeding their unique mineral. Calibrin Z, a mixture of montmorillonite and high-capacity opal-CT lepispheres, works by absorbing and binding mycotoxins and bacterial toxins, flushing them out of the animal’s system. It has demonstrated significant benefits to dairy producers by improving overall health and productivity. The material is offered in the animal’s diet on a daily basis, helping to prevent toxins from entering the bloodstream and causing harm. Amlan’s Calibrin Z is a feed additive that works across various species, providing a safe and effective way to enhance animal health and performance.

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