Environmental committee learns about carbon capture from expert testimony in-house

February 28, 2024
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  • House environmental committee hears from experts about carbon capture technology
  • Carbon capture projects proposed in Southwest Louisiana

In a recent session of the Louisiana House’s Natural Resources and Environment Committee, experts discussed the importance of carbon capture technology in the fight against climate change. Key concerns raised during the hearing included property rights, protecting water resources, and emergency preparedness. Rep. Brett Geymann highlighted the need for education on the topic to inform future legislation regarding carbon capture projects in the state.

One of the major highlights of the committee meeting was the testimony of a fire chief from Mississippi, where a carbon dioxide pipeline rupture led to severe health implications for residents. The incident shed light on the importance of emergency preparedness and proper handling of such situations. Geymann acknowledged the severity of the incident but expressed confidence in the region’s ability to handle emergencies more effectively.

Overall, the discussion emphasized the need for thorough planning and precautionary measures when implementing carbon capture projects to mitigate potential risks to public health and safety. It also underscored the importance of educating lawmakers and the public on the intricacies of this technology to make informed decisions for the betterment of the environment.

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