Samsung unveils 2nm process upgrade in 2025 with Backside Power Supply.

February 28, 2024
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  • Samsung plans to introduce Backside Power Supply (BSPDN) technology to its 2nm process in 2025.
  • The technology is expected to reduce chip area by up to 19% and improve efficiency levels.

Samsung is looking to gain an edge in the semiconductor market by introducing Backside Power Supply technology to its upcoming 2nm process, set to enter mass production in 2025. The technology, which has shown promising results in reducing chip area by up to 19%, was tested on two ARM cores, showcasing significant improvements in performance and power efficiency levels. Backside Power Supply technology involves placing power lines at the back of the wafer instead of on top, aiming to maximize efficiency and semiconductor performance.

The introduction of this new technology could give Samsung a competitive advantage over rival TSMC as both companies race to develop the best 2nm nodes. While Samsung has already secured orders for its 2nm chips, it remains to be seen how successful this approach will be in the long run. Overall, the implementation of Backside Power Supply technology is a strategic move by Samsung to innovate and stay ahead in the semiconductor industry.

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