‘Old MacDonald’s tech savvy saves B.C. grain farming’

March 13, 2024
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  • Technology is helping B.C. grain farmers adapt to dramatic weather swings
  • Farmers are facing challenges with weather disruptions affecting yields

B.C. grain farmers, like Malcolm Odermatt, are struggling with repeated droughts affecting harvests. The agriculture industry is adapting to weather challenges through the use of technology. Lenore Newman emphasizes the need for technological advancements in agriculture to combat climate disruptions. Farmers like Kristjan Hebert are utilizing technological advancements to maintain crop yields, despite weather challenges. The government is investing in climate change research to support the agricultural sector. However, there is a need for more research and funding in agriculture to support farmers. B.C. farmers are facing a quiet crisis due to weather disruptions, leading to a decline in the number of farms across the country. While weather conditions have devastated certain crops, grain farmers remain hopeful for a good harvest. Overall, consumers are less affected by poor grain yields thanks to the international commodity market, which spreads out the risk of crop failure. Vancouver Island farmer, Bryce Rashleigh, is preparing for the upcoming harvest season, hoping for a successful yield after facing challenges in the previous years.

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