UCF researcher discovers new method to improve drug development process.

March 14, 2024
1 min read


  • UCF researcher Debashis Chanda develops plasmonic technology to improve chiral molecule detection.
  • The technology can enhance drug development and improve therapeutic outcomes.

UCF professor Debashis Chanda has pioneered a new plasmonic platform technology that greatly enhances the detection of chiral molecules, a crucial development for the medical and pharmaceutical research field. Chiral molecules, which have mirror image pairs called enantiomers, play a significant role in drug development and therapeutic outcomes. Nearly 56% of modern drugs are chiral in nature, and separating or synthesizing the desired enantiomers is key for optimal results. Chanda’s technology, detailed in a study published in Science Advances, can accurately determine the purity of chiral molecules. This novel approach allows for precise identification of subtle molecular differences, offering a significant advancement in the field. Chanda’s platform has the potential to quantify chiral enantiomers’ purity with much greater sensitivity than current methods, ultimately leading to cost savings and improved efficiency in drug development processes.

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